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Since its inception in 1935, scholarly publications have been one of the key activities of INSA. Currently, the Academy publishes three leading journals: Proceedings of the Indian National Science Academy, the Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (IJPAM) and the Indian Journal of History of Science (IJHS).

In addition, the Academy also publishes its Year Book, Annual Report, Compendium of Fellows and Biographical Memoirs of deceased Fellows. Special Publications and Proceedings of Seminars/Symposia organised by INSA are also published as required.

A Publication Advisory Board (PAB) guides the publication policies and activates.

Publication Advisory Board (2017)

Name Designation
Professor R Gadagkar President INSA (Chairperson)
Professor Kankan Bhattacharyya Vice-President
Professor SC Lakhotia Vice-President
Professor JP Mittal Vice-President
Professor Rajendra Prasad Vice-President
Professor LS Shasidhara Vice-President
Dr Chandrima Shaha Vice-President
Professor D Balasubramanian -
Professor DM Banerjee -
Professor AV Khare -
Professor NK Mehra -
Professor Gadadhar Misra -

Professor BK Thelma